Child Sponsorship in Malaysia and Myanmar

Across the world, poverty forces families to settle in slums where the conditions are universally appalling. Clean safe water, basic nutrition and education are not always available. For millions of children in the developing world, everyday life is a struggle.

Child sponsorship addresses this immense need by focusing on education. Around the world, The Salvation Army Child Sponsorship Programme is changing lives, particularly in Myanmar where some children live in extreme poverty. Through our programme for Home/Centre sponsorship, we help to provide the children with basic necessities. There is a pressing need for financial assistance as avenues from both government and public funding are very limited.

How can I support the Salvation Army Child Sponsorship Programme ?
The Salvation Army Child Sponsorship Programme helps give underprivileged children access to a better education. Through your monthly support, more teachers can be hired to provide additional tuition to children who are weak in their studies. Through this programme, the children also receive school uniforms and bags, which most families cannot afford.
Donors can also choose to make a one-time donation to help in upgrading the school facilities to provide a safe learning environment for the children. Besides having a conducive environment, these children would also have more opportunities to attend educational trips.

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