The Red Shield Club

Red Shield Club is a programme for those who care and would like to help the needy through fixed monthly donations. Your donation is conveniently deducted from your bank account through Interbank Giro or Credit/Charge Card.

Your donation helps provide comprehensive care for the underprivileged. Here's how your donation impacts the lives of those we serve:

  • $10   - Provides a vulnerable child with 3 meals a day. 

  • $50   - Prevents a struggling family from going hungry by providing necessary food rations and support. 

  • $100 - Provides academic support and developmental programmes for a vulnerable child.  

  • $150 - Helps support befriending services to isolated seniors and vulnerable migrant workers. 

  • $200 - Provides diapers and milk feeds for an elderly resident with no family support.   

Your gift means much to someone in need. Join the Red Shield Club by contacting us at

Click here to view our donation form.


Leaving a Legacy

The Salvation Army is dedicated to helping people in need. By including The Salvation Army in your Will, you can be assured that we can continue to help others for years to come. You can leave your legacy to The Salvation Army through the following avenues:
  • Central Provident Fund
The CPF Board will recognise your intention to include The Salvation Army as one of your nominees only when you have filed it with the CPF Board. Your CPF nomination allows you to specify who will receive your CPF savings, and how much each nominee should receive.
  • Insurance Plans
Whether it is life or any other type of policies, you can contribute a sum/policy towards The Salvation Army.
  • Wills & Bequests
Distributing your estate through your Will is known as making a bequest to others. Drawn up by your lawyer or trustee, it is a legal document to provide for the distribution of your assets. You can include a clause to "share" your assets with The Salvation Army. Please click here to find out more, and if you wish to make an appointment to write your Will, please download the leaflet here.
For enquiries on supporting The Salvation Army through your Will, please contact us at 8823 0533 or email:




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