Working closely with relevant social services, Prison Support Services (PSS) provides professional support to the families of incarcerated person(s). Through various programmes and services, Kids In Play (KIP) aims to address the impact of incarceration on the children of incarcerated parent(s) and their caregivers.

Programmes & Services

Casework and Counselling

Casework and counselling is provided to caregivers and their children. Sessions may also be conducted for the incarcerated parent(s) on a case by case basis. Apart from self-referrals, referrals are received from the prisons, VWOs and our playroom service. This programme aims to educate and equip clients with knowledge and skills, so as to empower them towards coping with issues arising from the incarceration.

Group Work Sessions for Children, Caregivers and Incarcerated Parent(s)

Children/Teens Sessions (CS/TS): Children attend sessions that address the impact of parental incarceration. Topics such as trauma and separation, stigma, developing a positive self-identity and planning for the future will be covered. These sessions are a pre-requisite for the Family Bonding Programme.

Pre Sessions (PS): Incarcerated parents attend pre-sessions in preparation for the Family Bonding Programme. These pre-sessions are conducted in line with the children’s sessions and impart parenting skills focused on strengthening the relationship between themselves and their children.   

Women Helping Other Women (WHOW): Caregivers receive encouragement and pick up skills to cope with their situation from WHOW which is run concurrently with the children’s sessions.

Family Bonding Programme (FBP)

The Family Bonding Programme permits children to interact with their incarcerated parent(s) without a physical barrier between them. This programme aims to keep inmates motivated with family support and to prevent the breakdown of the family unit resulting from the effects of the incarceration of the parent(s). The interaction also helps the children to bond better with their incarcerated parent(s).


KIP volunteers run a playroom service in Prison Link Centre (Changi) from 12pm-4pm on Mondays to Fridays to engage children who are waiting to visit inmates.

Camps and Outings

Throughout the year, PSS-KIP partners various organizations from the private and public sectors to organize outings for the children and caregivers. A children’s camp and teens camp is also held annually.

Children Helping Other Children (CHOC) Ambassadors

Teenagers who display commitment and leadership potential will be invited to join the CHOC Ambassadors. A recruitment call and selection interview is conducted annually. Teens who are 15 years and above and have been in the programme for at least a year will be eligible. The CHOC Ambassadors programme hopes to groom the teenagers to be leaders and to grow their confidence in leading groups and being a mentor to the younger children and their peers.

Location & Contact

356 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247674 (Click here for map)

Belvedere Block B, BB 3-4

Tel: 6355 1456



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