Prison Support Services – Kids In Play (PSS-KIP) works with children from 5 to 18 years of age who face parental incarceration. Partnering closely with relevant social services, we provide professional support to the families of incarcerated parents, journeying with them during the difficult period of separation. We envision a society where families of incarcerated parents are embraced and we strive towards it by adopting the following approaches:

  • Recognising and building on clients’ strengths in working towards re-integration and being  active contributors to their communities.
  • Integrating practice and research for the purpose of improving client’s well-being, advocating for and with clients, and influencing policies.
  • Engaging and mobilising communities to be more inclusive of our clients.

Programmes & Services

Casework and Counselling

Casework and counselling are provided to the children and their caregivers to address the impact of incarceration. Apart from self-referrals, we also receive referrals from prisons, various social service agencies and our playroom service. Sessions may also be arranged for the incarcerated parents on a case by case basis.  We aim to educate and equip clients with relevant knowledge and skills, so as to help them cope with issues arising from incarceration.

Group Work Sessions for Children, Caregivers and Incarcerated Parents)

EMPower Groupwork Sessions: We focus on the character development of the child because we recognise that every child has the potential and ability to be a valuable member of society. These sessions aim to enable each child to be resilient individuals who will in turn give back to the community and society in their own way. It also provides a community of support for the children, allowing them to cultivate a sense of belonging through positive interactions with one another and with our passionate volunteers.

Caregivers Connect: Caregivers are encouraged to attend this support group, where they can interact with fellow caregivers and pick up positive coping skills. This is also a platform where caregivers can volunteer their time and skills.

Pre-Sessions: Incarcerated parents attend sessions in preparation for the Family Bonding Programme. These sessions allow them to learn more about parenting skills. These skills focus on strengthening the relationship between themselves and their children by allowing them to take ownership of the activities during the programme.

Family Bonding Programme

The Family Bonding Programme is a highpoint for our children and their parents. It allows children to interact with their incarcerated parents without physical barriers. This programme aims to keep inmates motivated through family support and prevents the breakdown of the family unit resulting from the physical separation.

Families are eligible for up to a maximum of 6 consecutive sessions across a duration of 3 to 3.5 years. Families have to meet the criteria, which indicate the family’s willingness in rebuilding and strengthening the familial ties of the nucleus family.

Community Outreach

In addition to our programmes and services for our clients, PSS-KIP works with corporate and community partners to provide our clients with learning and bonding opportunities through ad-hoc events and workshops. These partnerships are helpful as they help build a society where families of incarcerated parents are empowered and embraced.

Location & Contact

356 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247674 (Click here for map)

Belvedere Block B, BB 3-4

Tel: 6355 1456 / 60



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