The Sojourn Programme is an outreach programme that seeks to improve the well-being of the male migrant workers community in Singapore. Through weekly activities and events at different dormitories and recreation centres, we aim to improve social integration between the local and migrant communities, and enhance the migrant workers’ quality of life during their temporary stay in Singapore.

As an international organisation, The Salvation Army leverages on our international network to advocate safe migration practices specific to migrant workers’ to reduce the risks of human trafficking and exploitation.

Programmes & Services

Basic English Classes

Our classes aim to equip the migrant workers with basic English language skills. This helps them to communicate better with the local community and also improves workplace communication.

Basic Computer Classes

With the majority of the male migrant workers having limited access to computers, these classes aim to equip them with basic computer skills so that they can utilise information technology efficiently. This basic foundation will also provide them with better job prospects when they return home to their respective countries.

Counselling Services

Qualified and experienced staff and volunteers visit various dormitories and recreational centres to foster relationships with the migrant workers and provide emotional support. We offer counselling sessions to provide them with an avenue to communicate their thoughts and feelings and in turn, we can provide further assistance if required.

Skills Development Classes

Working closely with partners, we will be imparting new skills and knowledge to the male migrant workers. These will benefit the migrant workers while they are in Singapore and also when they return to their countries.

Recreational Activities

A variety of sports, music and social activities are organised to bring the migrant and local communities closer to each other. These engagements also provide them with avenues to make friends which will help make their stay in Singapore more meaningful.

Access to Support

In partnership with community and corporate partners, we provide prompt assistance to male migrant workers in areas such as medical and therapeutic services, temporary shelters, insurance, financial literacy, legal and advocacy services.


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